Thinking Groot Flower Pot & Planter

Thinking Groot Flower Pot & Planter



Baby Groot Planter | Flower Pot | Table Planter | Small pot | Pen Stand | Table Planter


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Product Description

Baby Groot Tree Man Planter Pot

Size: 6.1 x 4.7 x 3 (Inches)
Package weight: 0.3 kg; Material : Polyresin

Use as a flowerpot or plant pot, a pencil holder, Can be used as a flowerpot for your desk or garden table. Also conveniently used as a pen holder for home or office desk, also a great decoration for the office or home

Groot Action Figures Flower pot Pen Holder 100% Brand New High Quality Each pot is carefully inspected and created. We have designed this toy Flower pot Pen Holder with your child’s safety in mind. made of high-quality pure PVC material, is safe and non-toxic and serves as an eco-friendly option for your child’s flowers, can be used with confidence.

There is a Drainage small hole under the groot flowerpot, so that water will leak out when used as a planter pot. When used as a pen holder, the Drainage hole design hides on the bottom, would not affect the appearance of groot pen pot.

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