Set of 3 Human face Sculptures

Set of 3 Human face Sculptures



Set of 3 Human Face Sculptures | Showpiece | Unique Statues | Do not Say | Do not Speak | Do not See | Modern Gifts | Human Face Form | Home Decor | Ornament

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Product Description

VISKAA presents Modern and simple desk decor for home, room, office, counter decoration. Make your home look more elegant by displaying them on the table, desk, or keep them in the shelf. The sculptures are used for indoor and outdoor decor, business and holiday gifts, wedding souvenirs, art collection, etc.

Height : 17cm ; Width : 9 cm
Color : Orange

It has the characteristics of long-lasting color, environmental protection and harmlessness; elegant, very textured, beautiful and beautiful, vivid, expressive and realistic. Abstract and creative silent statue made without odor, non-toxic and harmless material. New fashions designed by senior artists and exquisite craft desks crafted by senior experts.