Lord Ganesha Backflow Incense Burner with 10 Smoke Cones

Lord Ganesha Backflow Incense Burner with 10 Smoke Cones



Ganesha Fountain Incense Holder | Backflow Meditating Incense Burner


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Product Description

VISKAA presents beautiful Orange Lord Ganesha Backflow Incense Burner with Cones.

Height : 13cm; Length : 14cm; Width : 8cm
Includes : 1 Ganesha with 10 Smoke Cones
Material : Polyresin

Back-flow incense burner creates an illusion of a smokey waterfall. Simply place an incense cone at the top of the waterfall, and with the cone’s special properties, the smoke starts to flow in reverse direction, that is from top to bottom, and in-turn creates a beautiful smokey waterfall.

Ganesha is one of the most distinctive Hindu deities with his large elephant head and pot-bellied human body. He plays a dual role of a supreme being powerful enough to remove obstacles and ensure success or create obstructions for those whose ambition has become destructive.
Ganesha is honored throughout Indian and in Hindu cultures, at both secular and religious ceremonies. When someone launches a new business or moves into a new home, for example, the elephant-headed god is invoked to bless the venture.

Care instructions : Gently wash, use dry/wet cotton cloth to remove dirt.