Vanilla Scented Bubble Candles Set of 2

Vanilla Scented Bubble Candles Set of 2



Pillar Candle | Set of 3 | Pure Scented | Natural & Organic



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Product Description

Why wait for festival to shop for aroma candles. Now enjoy you me time with our Eco-friendly pure Paraffin & Soy Blended wax Scented Candles. The soothing Aroma of our candles will fill your home with feeling of calmness.

INCLUDES : Pack of 2
SIZE : 7cm x 7cm
SCENT : Vanilla
BURN TIME : 20 Hours
USAGE – Romantic candles for bedroom, candles for anniversary, wedding, bedroom decoration and can be used as perfect gift for your loved ones

How is our candle better than others? – Pure wax burns slower and cleaner (No black soot). This Adorable Vanilla Scented Bubble Candle Comes With Beautiful Light Cream In Color. This Elegant Vanilla Candle Smell Like The Natural Fragrance and It Can Reduce Stress and Lower The Heart Rate Which is Best For Your Healthier Life. According to Scientific Report It can help with anxiety– the strong aroma of vanilla is known to have a direct impact on the nerves that induce calm and relieve stress, particularly when used as part of an aromatherapy treatment. Vanilla Fragrance Ribbed Candles are Ideal Choice for Gifting, Candle Light Dinner, Coffee/Tea Table, and Even for Home and Birthday Decorations. Vanilla Scented Ribbed Candle Can be Best Options for You to Buy if You Love to Smell Vanilla Fragrances.